About Spice Berry

SpiceBerry is the culinary vision of young entrepreneur – and fine dining enthusiast – Sheikh Renoj Mohamed.

His passion for authentic South Indian food from the culture-rich Kerala region saw him embark on a global search for the most qualified of staff to bring you the most exceptional and authentic Keralan dining experience.

The exceptional culinary team – led by Chef Pramod Nair – boasts over 15 years’ experience cooking up the most delicious and innovative Indian and Keralan taste sensations.

Pramod Nair, our chef who hails from North Kerala, finds it difficult to describe the boundless Kerala fare in a nutshell. But this farsighted culinary master, who believed that food is the ideal ambassador of goodwill to unite races and countries, had a dream. His passion to promote authentic Kerala food thus took him to distant shores like Iceland, Norway and many parts of the United Kingdom. Yet his restless spirit knew no reprieve till he met Renoj Mohamed, another entrepreneur with similar ideals and values. Renoj’s conviction and assurance were invaluable to Pramod. As a team, they knew they could recreate the culinary magic from Kerala.

Perhaps no other state in India lays out such a sumptuous and diverse gastronomic spread as Kerala, the tiny territory that occupies just 1.2% of India’s landmass. This palm fringed lush land of swaying coconut trees derives its name from Cheras who once ruled the region. However popular folklore has it that the term Keralam sprang up from the word Kera meaning Coconut tree and alam that means land. Abundantly available coconuts thus form the chief ingredient in many Kerala dishes.

The cuisine of Kerala is as alluring and limitless as the waves that lap luxuriantly its lengthy 580 Km coastline. Besides indigenous and traditional dishes, these bountiful shores welcomed and shared the culture and cuisine of distant travellers who had embarked on the spice route. Vast is Kerala’s culinary journey. So where do we begin?

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